How sad.  I haven't really been on here in over a year. D:  *pales*  Why do I always forget about my blogging/social places?

Ah, well, it isn't if any one is actually reading this thing. I have no followers. XD Nadda.

Perhaps that's why I don't bother?  'Cause I know no one even cares I write something.

But should that stop me?

I suppose not. 

Maybe I should change.

Till next time,

-- griminal


It seems me dear ol' mum has been struck with puppy-love, and I do mean that literally. She's been taking away my computer time to gaze at pictures of puppies for hours and hours. It's quite annoying, actually...

Apparently, tomorrow we're going to pick out a lovely pooch to call our very own. I won't admit it to me mum, but I'm actually almost excited about it.  She said I could name him (she wants a male...) and I've thought of a name already: Remy. 

Well, here's to the best, nae?

I'll write again when (and if) we get the pup.  (This was only a test post anyway).

- Griminal
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